Printing well :)

I have got my Prusa Mandel I variant  printing pretty well now and I am very happy with the results.  It took about 5 months part time on-and-off fiddling to get the bugs worked out and tweaked to get good prints.  Smooth external nozzle geometry helped but a nozzle fan made the biggest difference.  The nozzle fan gets turned on after the first 4 layers.  That is after a cooling fan on the electronics to keep the steppers from overheating and skipping.  Then a 40mm fan on each stepper just in case except the 2 Z-axis which do not get warm.


Tree frogs to 2 different scales, a catfish and a Minecraft creeper keychain.

I still print at kind of a low speed, but it works well.  Part of my initial problem in calibrating was that I did not have the extruder springs compressed enough to prevent stripping filament especially when there was nozzle restriction due to the reduced layer height on the first layer squish-out.  I went to .320in measured between the washers for spring compression on my greg-wade-accessable-extruder with Ultamachine hardware kit springs.  Now I get no filament stripping bits at all, that kind of stripping cause 2 jams which required tear-aparts on the hot end.  But I am feeling much better now- thanks for asking.


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