single weight Cuckoo clock restoration

I happened by this broken single weight Cuckoo clock that had most of its pieces in a bag at a resale store.  The clock was made in Western Germany with a Helmut Kammerer movement probably by the Hekas Company.  The cuckoo chirps its two-tone sound once every 15 minutes.  No gong or door opening action on this bottom of the line model, but it does have a bird that moves.  cuckoo01sm

The original bellows had deteriorated and fallen off and the clock was missing a minute hand and the pendulum.


The movement has a 4-lobed cam that rotates once an hour and keeps resetting the bellows.


The action is all specially bent wires after that.


Hopefully it will work again…


5 thoughts on “single weight Cuckoo clock restoration

  1. Have you continued this project? I just acquired one of these, very similar. Like the blog. TY

    • Yes, it works again- it keeps time and cuckoos every 15 minutes. I am not totally pleased though as I ended up needing to add 2 washers as weights to each bellows to overcome the resistance of the tyvek bellows material which then needed extra weight on the chain to lift the bellows. Now it ticks louder, but works fine.

  2. I’ve just got one with the same inside pieces but I can’t see how your wires are joined up. Any chance of a more detaied picture of the wires? Thanks

  3. Don, I added an illustrated picture, I hope it helps. See all the cuckoo posts.

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