Sliding Door Thermal Barrier

With the backdrop of the global research scientists getting their research ship stuck in unexpectedly thick ice and the rescue icebreaker also getting likewise stuck in ice and having to be rescued by helicopter ( ); Our really cold winter and an old air-leaky single pane glass sliding door prompted me to make a PVC frame with plastic to keep the cold out.

sliding-door-frame01 sliding-door-frame03 sliding-door-frame02

The 3/4″ inside diameter schedule 40 PVC pipes and fittings provided a moisture resistant frame to tape the 3 mil plastic to with packing tape.  I used four elbows and two tees.  The perimeter has window/door single sided sticky weather stripping and some triangular packing foam in the corners.  The long verticals are too flexible and needed some compression to keep it sealed, so I added two shower curtain compression rods (one spring, and one twist) I had sitting around to keep the sides pressed tight.  Next year, I could splice in more PVC to replace the compression rods?  That is if we don’t replace the door with a double pane more efficient one before then.  But the cold breeze coming through is stopped, the temperature is not as cold behind the curtains and the condensation is really reduced.  No more frost and ice on the inside of the door and in the tracks.  I know it looks a little un-decorative, but we needed a warmer solution than just the window film on the aluminum frame.


One thought on “Sliding Door Thermal Barrier

  1. This worked great all winter and had the added benefit of keeping spring pollen out as well. 🙂

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