Quick Dummy (Mannequin) Hands

If you are in need of making a quick mannequin hands, here are a pair of teenage-sized hands that work pretty well.  We put gloves on the hands in the end, so they look realistic from a distance.  They are made of wire hangars, wrapped with anything available like plastic grocery bags to fill out the shape and then covered with some kind of glove.  Larger hands can be bent from two hangars bent together.  These go together cheaply, quickly and are pose-able.  We used these on on a life-sized Christmas display.

dummy-hand01 dummy-hand02 dummy-hand03 dummy-hand04 dummy-hand05 dummy-hand06 dummy-hand07 dummy-hand08 dummy-hand09 dummy-hand10 dummy-hand11

Time to make the dummies

It is time to be working on our Robot Club’s Christmas display fundraiser.  RiverCityRobots enters the Fort Zumwalt Park Celebration of Lights in O’Fallon, MO (http://www.ofallon.mo.us/parks&rec/fort-zumwalt-park) .  We make a 3D full scale anamatronic display that has won best display for a couple years running.  The display really looks nice at night with all the lights and music and the whole park is filled with a million lights (I think literally over a million) .  Here is last year’s scene in the day time https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-VnZBtQZYXw.  Anyway, I need to make some more dummies for this years’ display.  Here are a couple dummies from last year waiting in our Club’s shop.


Joystick – FlightStick definition

In case anyone has a FlightStick joystick from CH products, I have one too.  I opened it up and figured out the pins to use it with Arduino’s Joystick program http://www.arduino.cc/en/Tutorial/JoyStick .  Although I had to update the program for Arduino 1.0.


It is an analog rheostat device without any other electronic chips.


It looks just right for the Arduino program to use without difficulty- hopefully.

Here is the breakdown:


I’m having some difficulty getting enough voltage difference to measure with the arduino as yet.   Results pending.

Found this page with instructions for the same joystick