Geiger Counter Resuscitation

My son and I found this geiger counter at a surplus store, and I just could not resist.  It was pretty rough as the batteries had leaked some years back and caused much internal damage.


Rust and corrosion put holes in the case and destroyed the battery terminals.

geigercounter02-sm geigercounter03-sm

But when it was rigged up to bypass the destroyed battery contacts and tested, the unit functioned like a trooper.  It has a small radiation source for testing on the side in a foil sticker.  (don’t sleep with one of these next to your head by the way.)



And here is the indicator showing the readings.

geigercounter06-sm geigercounter04-sm

The audio plug even works when you plug in a headset or powered speaker.

I would attach a movie file, but it seems like a lot of data just to see the dial move and hear a bunch of clicks.

So it is off to the electronics store to see what new battery contacts can be found to work with these existing plastic battery brackets.  The only real question is what category to file this under since I don’t have a NBC category (Nuclear, Biological, Chemical).  It hardly qualifies under home improvement.  Well, why not label it just what it is…a new category.


single weight Cuckoo clock restoration

I happened by this broken single weight Cuckoo clock that had most of its pieces in a bag at a resale store.  The clock was made in Western Germany with a Helmut Kammerer movement probably by the Hekas Company.  The cuckoo chirps its two-tone sound once every 15 minutes.  No gong or door opening action on this bottom of the line model, but it does have a bird that moves.  cuckoo01sm

The original bellows had deteriorated and fallen off and the clock was missing a minute hand and the pendulum.


The movement has a 4-lobed cam that rotates once an hour and keeps resetting the bellows.


The action is all specially bent wires after that.


Hopefully it will work again…